Clinical Evidence

Use of hypnosis for pregnancy and childbirth.

Clinically proven benefits are:

  • Statistically shorter labour
  • Less occurence of complication
  • Reduced chance of medical intervention
  • Less need for pharmacological pain relief
  • Reduced incidence of post-natal depression
  • Promoting lactaction for effective breastfeeding
  • Effective bonding with your new baby from both mum and dad
  • Increased satisfaction with labour

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Use of hypnosis for fertility

  • Increased chance of natural conception
  • Has been shown to double the rate of IVF success
  • Reduced depression where facing long-term infertility

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Laura's Birth Quote

It was magical. We felt in control and very calm throughout. We were focused on meeting our baby and were able to concentrate on supporting each other.

Laura, 1st baby

Caroline's Birth Quote

My body pushed her down on it's own within the next 2 hours and then it took me 10 minutes to deliver her - the 'pushing experience' was as perfect as it could be - I have very pleasant and positive memories of it.

Caroline, 2nd baby