Clinical Evidence

Use of hypnosis for pregnancy and childbirth.

Clinically proven benefits are:

  • Statistically shorter labour
  • Less occurence of complication
  • Reduced chance of medical intervention
  • Less need for pharmacological pain relief
  • Reduced incidence of post-natal depression
  • Promoting lactaction for effective breastfeeding
  • Effective bonding with your new baby from both mum and dad
  • Increased satisfaction with labour

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Use of hypnosis for fertility

  • Increased chance of natural conception
  • Has been shown to double the rate of IVF success
  • Reduced depression where facing long-term infertility

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Kat's Birth Quote

Thank you so much in helping us with another brilliant birth experience-it was really powerful. I really feel like it gave me that extra bit of inner strength and belief I needed.

Kat, 2nd baby

Gina's Birth Quote

It was much easier than expected, I felt in control and aware of what was happening. I felt I could trust my body to do what was needed whilst I focused on relaxing. The baby was born, whilst I was preparing myself for the most difficult part!

Gina, 1st birth