Clinical Evidence

Use of hypnosis for pregnancy and childbirth.

Clinically proven benefits are:

  • Statistically shorter labour
  • Less occurence of complication
  • Reduced chance of medical intervention
  • Less need for pharmacological pain relief
  • Reduced incidence of post-natal depression
  • Promoting lactaction for effective breastfeeding
  • Effective bonding with your new baby from both mum and dad
  • Increased satisfaction with labour

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Use of hypnosis for fertility

  • Increased chance of natural conception
  • Has been shown to double the rate of IVF success
  • Reduced depression where facing long-term infertility

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Claire's Birth Quote

Powerful but positive.

Claire, 1st baby

Susie's birth quote

Hope all well! Just to let you know that we had a baby boy called Zephyr last thursday by an uncomplicated vaginal delivery that progressed really well. I was amazed when they passed him to me as he is a whopper and the hypnobirthing definitely helped me stay calm and in control of what was...

Susie, 1st birth